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To order your Signature Stamp you will need to:
1)  Sign your name with a medium point black pen on a clean sheet of un-ruled (no lines) white paper.
Sign your name several times and select the signature that you feel looks the best.
2)  Measure the height and width of your signature (do not include any white area around the signature).
3)  Select the stamp size (and stamp style) below that will fit your signature size.

Text can be added to your signature which will require an additional 1/4" height per text line to the size of your signature. The text can be sent with your signature via the method you will decide below (feel free to browse our hand stamps or self-inking stamps ordering forms to get an idea the different font  styles and layout options). Please note that we can reduce or enlarge a signature to fit a particular stamp size.

 You can send your Signature to us by 3 methods:
1)  Using a scanner create a computer generated file, preferably in a tiff (*.tif) or jpeg (*.jpg) file format, and send it to us via e-mail attachment to (Tip - after placing an order you will receive an e-mail order confirmation to which you can reply back with your file attachment). Please scan your signature between 150 to 300 dpi (300 dpi produces the better results) and in black with white background;
2)  Faxing your signature sheet (use the fine or super fine mode) to 732-557-0675;
3)  Sending by Postal Mail or Parcel Service to:
Rubber Stamp Man
1236 Route 166, Ste 140
Toms River, NJ 08753

IMPORTANT - After completing your online order transaction, you will receive an automatic  e-mail confirmation containing an Order Number.  Please reference this Order Number when sending us your signature so we can match your signature to your order.
Also, for original size accuracy, please include the exact width and/or height of your signature.

For a price quote or to quality inspection of your signature, feel free to send us your signature before placing an order including your name, e-mail address and daytime phone number so we can contact you.

The Wood Handle Signature Hand Stamps listed below requires the use of a stamp ink pad which is available from our Rubber Stamp Supplies page.



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